Coot Wars

Coot Wars is a satirical text-based clone of Drug Wars, involving senior citizens and prescription drugs.

Coot Wars is a C++ console game using ansi colors, known to work in Linux, and should work fine in BSD, OS X, etc. It was originally a class assignment to make a parody of the graphing calculator game Drug Wars, but has expanded far beyond the scope of the assignment. The game's features are largely identical to drug wars, but with satire throughout. Some differences include: You can be healed of wounds from fights by the hospital, which adds to your debt. Once a week, you must take some of the medicines you traffic in for your own illnesses, or you lose health. A "police alert" level changes when you buy or sell obscene amounts of drugs, default on a weekly debt payment, or kill someone -- on a high police alert, higher numbers of police are likely to come after you as you change locations.

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